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My vision

Allowing people contribute, based on their talents and originality, to great results, strong innovation and sustainable growth: that is the way to lasting success. It is up to the leaders to make this possible. But it is a shared responsibility: you make the soil fertile, your team plants and nurtures the seeds. 

It is up to you, as leader, to enable the connection, between everyone's values, needs and talents and our shared ambition. Between who we want to be and how we achieve results together.


My work always focuses on 5 core ingredients, which prove their power time and again. If you manage to combine energies into a single focus like this, more than you thought becomes possible.

5 key ingredients for sustainable engagement:

The most important tool: you!

Self-reflection, becoming aware of your motives and finding a foothold in yourself are crucial. Together, they transcend all leadership theories. With a clear focus, every small daily occurrence becomes an opportunity to grow.

From empathy to trust & impact

Having an impact starts with really connecting. With meeting your people as human beings instead of human resources. Empathy is a powerful first step towards this. Can you open yourself up to your people's perspectives? And, can you turn this connection into confidence through your competences and your good motives? Then more impact will be a logical consequence. 

Speak your truth

Communicating clearly, sincerely and authentically, 'speak your truth', about what you expect from people, is another key ingredient. It means you can also indicate what you want to change, what you find difficult, where your limits are and what limits you see in others. The more you can do this without blaming and judging, the more space there will be for development and growth. 


Equality means that everyone takes responsibility for their contribution to the results as well as to the collaboration.  It requires you to also be open to the critical view of others. To be willing to share power and thus, together, actually achieve more.


Finally, there should be enough challenge for your team. You not only have to be Caring, but also Daring. Empathy and compassion, understanding of limits and setbacks, being allowed to be yourself, form the foundation. But if you don't keep challenging your team to explore and push boundaries, growth stagnates and satisfaction and engagement in your team diminishes.

I will help you and your team through these 5 steps

You run the race, I support and encourage from the sidelines. I help you and your team take responsibility for collaboration and results, but also for team development.


My coaching is always tailor-made and consists of a mix of ingredients:

  • personal coaching: because everything starts with you! You are your most important tool! Read more...

  • team coaching: I help you and your team grow step by step from 'separate hardworking individuals' to 'together we achieve more!’ Read more...

  • change and enable sustainable change, by paying attention to the undercurrent of emotions.  Read more...

Testimonials from customers

"Cécile Osse had already successfully facilitated coaching programmes and learning circles for managers for about four years, within our organisation and also within my groups. That is why I contacted her. I was fairly new to leadership and wanted to strengthen my leadership skills. Authentic leadership and personal growth were central to this for me.

The journey with Cécile has strengthened me in my leadership. It was a period of personal reflection and “looking in the mirror”. I learned a lot from it. I've found Céciles approach to be very positive. It was not always obvious, but I felt I was growing. Going in depth and bringing out your strengths and vulnerabilities was something I found particularly powerful. Most of all, it has made me feel more empowered. I dare to show my vulnerability and I continue to grow as a person and colleague as a result.


I now know clearly what I want and don't want. I work more supportively towards colleagues based on a “servant” leadership. The result is that we are a focused organisation with clear objectives, where people take initiative and where the team is very well connected!

I would definitely recommend Cécile to my colleagues. It is a somewhat atypical but profound way of coaching. Not just mentally, but mainly focused on being in close connection with your deepest self. In doing so, both your reason and your feelings are crucial. Cécile's focus on the constructive and positive reinforces healthy self-confidence, paying attention to what is essential, for yourself and for your employees.

All in all, I learned an extraordinary amount and am very happy with the continued, pleasant collaboration with Cécile."

Petr Brezina  -  department head Company Risk, KBC Asset Management

"I took part in a Play4GROWTH training with about three years of managerial experience under my belt. Still, three days of intensive coaching was a game changer in the way I direct people. The course involved little theory and a great deal of specific cases. They mirrored the way we behave at work and how we lead people.

After these confronting experiences, fuelled by the feedback of Cécile and the other group members, I feel as if a new ‘channel’ in my brain has opened up, which allows me to approach different directions in the way I manage. I am much more relaxed and self-confident as a leader now.

Cécile is a born teacher. She treats her coachees with great respect for both their individual personalities and leadership styles. She cautiously reflects upon their individual learning points while maintaining the unity of the group as a whole. She is flexible and strong, able to tailor the course to suit the needs of the participants."

Manu Legein  -  Head Business Development Management Payment Solutions Corporates, KBC

"I got to know Cécile as a trainer and coach of managers in both a residential seminar of several days and in a more traditional classroom setting. There, I could see that she succeeds in creating an open atmosphere in a group, in trust, which is essential in training where one explores one's own leadership styles, learning themes and points for development, “blind spots”, in a group. In addition, in my appreciation, Cécile knows how to put theory succinctly, and especially gives “putting it into practice” the necessary attention.

First and foremost, leadership is interpersonal, so it definitely depends on (being able to) apply rather than theorise. In my opinion, Cécile succeeds wonderfully in this. Models like TGI, MBTI, etc. were all covered, but it is the exercises as Cécile lays them out and guides them that do it."

Philippe Persyn  -  Global Human Resources Director, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV

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