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Personal coaching for managers

Leadership is all about connecting. Connecting people, with their unique potential, to projects, allowing them to contribute to important results. Combining safety and challenge. Providing space and support. A fantastic challenge that will force you to take a good hard look at yourself! Professional knowledge and leadership skills alone will not get you there; self-knowledge and personal growth are indispensable and offer the unique opportunity to bring your own leadership style to fruition.

For whom?

In leadership, you sometimes hit the limits of your own ability. You are very committed and want to take a lot of responsibility, but no matter how hard you work and do your best, no matter how much leadership training you attend, the results don't follow enough. Pretty frustrating. And yet this doesn't mean you don't have it in you, otherwise you wouldn't keep pushing so hard for it. 

It just means that the boundary you collide with has nothing to do with what you are doing (or not doing), but everything to do with having too little connection with yourself. This leaves you unaware of your assumptions, habits, patterns or beliefs about yourself or the world. This hinders you from moving forward. 


These assumptions are so intertwined into who you are and everything you do that it is very difficult to understand them yourself. 

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My approach

Personal coaching always starts from empathetic listening to your story. What doesn't work? In what situations do you get stuck? I listen to what is said and also to what is not said.

We also explore your desires, because they are the driving force behind your ambitions. Where do you want to get to? What added value do you want to have? What do you dream about? What is in you that wants to come out? And we also take a close look at your fears, because this is where the key to growth lies. Those fundamental fears are often tucked away in a tangle of stories. I will help you unravel this so that you can better understand why exactly you do what you do, or fail to do. ​

This clarity helps you move forward and allows change to emerge from within yourself. Sometimes this requires new skills in, for example, communication. Again, we can practise this through role-plays in a safe setting before applying it in practice.

"I am happy and grateful that, in coaching with Cécile, I have found myself and can now look at life through different 'rose-coloured' glasses, which has a very positive impact on my team and our results."


 Petra Brosens, Work Preparation Coordinator, Connections Service, Fluvius

What can you expect?

If you have the willingness to look critically at yourself with courage and compassion, personal coaching will open new doors for you:

  • you develop self-awareness and thus gain clarity about your own functioning and being;

  • you will naturally find yourself in a positive spiral;

  • you gain the courage to tackle the things you have seen for some time in a way that works;

  • you see more clearly and get things done with less effort;

  • you stop putting out fires everywhere or taking other people's responsibility, but strengthen others;

  • (to your own surprise) you are responded to differently: you get more done by others, receive respect and are taken much more seriously.


Personal coaching means customisation. How we shape this practically depends entirely on your needs and your work context. Often 3-5 coaching sessions, every 3 to 4 weeks, are sufficient. Sometimes it is better to plan a longer project lasting 6-8 months. Then you have time to work on things at your pace, feed back what was difficult and take on new experiments. Especially if you are going through major changes or highly stressful periods, longer-term coaching is recommended. It offers you a safety net as well as a challenge to get maximum benefit from challenging situations.


Besides 1-on-1s, personal coaching can also take place at work. I can attend meetings and give you immediate to-the-point feedback on what improved your impact and where there are still development opportunities.

In an intake interview, we examine whether I am the right partner to help you in your question and we also determine the course of the collaboration. Interested? Ready to get more out of yourself?

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