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Leading by Connection

Annual programme for strong and connecting leaders

Why Leading by Connection ? 

This programme will help you become an (even more) powerful leader, who perseveres in the changes you believe in. A leader who creates connections among people and results from an authority level, in order to achieve major improvements and innovations together.

What will you learn in this programme?

Three keys to personal growth to help you transform from manager to powerful leader:

  1. You will learn how to overcome obstructive patterns, making you a credible and resilient leader who ventures to take a challenging course.

  2. You will learn how to bolster your emotional intelligence so as to better regulate and redirect your impulses and feelings. With an improved sense of people, you will be better able to make generally supported decisions that empower your team;

  3. A deep understanding of yourself and your life history: you will learn how to use your personal values to inspire people to move out of their comfort zone and come to even higher achievements together.


"It's really another type of training that enriches the landscape of trainings around leadership profoundly"  


 Elisabeth S.  -  Janssens Farmaceutica

Connecting and effective communication:
In 5 steps, you will learn how to better coordinate your desires and ambitions with those of others, in order to get people on board much more effectively. This will moreover enable you to effectively prevent or better resolve conflicts.

The power of Secure Base leadership:
You will learn how to strike the right balance between being Caring and Daring. As a result, you will be creating an atmosphere of both safety and challenges, where your people feel understood and inspired to make the most of themselves.

Strong coaching skills:

empowering your people to achieve their potential. They will feel better about themselves, get more done and their loyalty to the organisation will increase.

The secret of Change skills:

You will learn to understand what people go through emotionally in the face of drastic Change. This will make you better able to prevent 'collateral damage' (loss of talent and commitment) and to mobilise people for critical innovations.

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What is included in the program?

​In this annual Leading by Connection program you will develop strong, connecting leadership with the following tools:

  • 3 intense 1.5-hour personal-coaching sessions. In these sessions, we will set up your personal plan and review your progress to enable you to achieve your goals the way you envisage them;

  • 6 half-day live-group sessions, at an appealing and inspiring location, fully catered for with coffee/tea and refreshments. Your own development process will be the central focus, supported by positive group dynamics. We work a great deal based on personal cases assisted by inspiring leadership concepts;

  • 2 half-day online-group sessions, so you will also have the comfort of attending the sessions from wherever this is most convenient for you;

  • 1 full-day ‘special’ live-group session (we will meet at an appealing and inspiring location, with a great lunch): an intense and highly personal day while we use your life story to find your key Personal Values, which are essential to growing from manager to leader;

  • engaging concepts and background information, inspiring and challenging you to grow in your leadership;

  • a network of committed leaders, who may also be of great relevance to each other in the future because of the bond of trust between

Practical information

  • online or live

  • always in small groups of max.  5 - 7 managers or project leaders

  • the programme entails: 

  • 7 half days

  • 1 full day

  • 3 coaching sessions; intake, interim and out-take

  • a Learning Circle can be formed with both managers from the same company and with managers from different companies or organisations. 

  • after signing up you will be invited for an intake interview.

    Your investment:
    The total investment for the first programme of 2024 is €6.950,- excluding VAT.This includes all costs for the location, materials, coffee/tea, refreshments and lunch.

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