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Masterclass Transition Management

Learn to understand and guide the emotional - and grief processes
in profound change

Do you want to  . . .

  • explain people's emotions with major Change not as resistance, but understand and discuss them?

  • prevent people from dropping out, sitting at home, leaving, but rather keep them on board?

  • achieve human-centred transformation and avoid ill-considered change?


Do you also believe . . . 

  • ​that you can prevent absenteeism and social unrest by paying more attention to emotions during Change?

Planned and structured changes, however necessary, always evoke unplannable, emotional processes. Paying no or incorrect attention to those emotions leads to collateral damage through loss of commitment, departure of talent, absenteeism and social unrest. You can prevent this by knowing what is going on and doing the right thing. This Masterclass will give you insights, tools and much-needed skills to do so.

For whom?

Why this Masterclass Transition Management ?

For boards, managers and HRD professionals facing reorganisations, mergers, turnarounds or downsizing processes and who realise:

  • that major changes require energy, time and attention.

  • that a new start is only really possible after letting go of the past and processing it.

  • that paying attention to emotions during Change leads to a fresh outlook, open mind and proactive attitude towards a new future.

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Transition: the result

  • You know modern views on emotional processes involved in major Change and can translate and apply them in your organisation.

  • You have translated practical experiences from other organisations into concrete do's & don’ts for your organisation.

  • You have ingredients for a concrete short-term and long-term approach, focusing on psychoeducation, communication and participation

  • You understand 'survival mechanisms' in the case of major Change and can respond to this in a targeted way, based on empathy.

  • You know what it requires of you as a manager to effectively guide employees through change and grief processes and have more confidence and skills to take on your role

"This is highly recommended if you have the courage and guts to get started with the emotional side of change, because this requires some maturity."


An Rubens, Manager, The Productivity Factory

What is the programme?


  • My professional role and interventions: successes and dilemmas? The coaching programme for my organisation: what focus should I choose for maximum impact?

  • How do you make the theme accessible? How do you ‘sell’ transition management in your organisation?

  • Your role as a leader is crucial and tricky: how do you handle your ‘double bind’ position – being impacted yourself and caring for others?

  • Exchange with an expert by experience: an experienced transition manager who was ultimately made redundant himself shares practical experiences of transitions at a multinational company

  • Personal cases e.g. “How do we keep people in our organisation motivated during the Change?”



 The personal coaching session (1 hour), focus:

  • Your self-confidence and effectiveness in guiding people in transition

  • How to get visibility and buy-in for your ‘message’

  • Optimising your concrete offer


  • The changes in our organisation: what emotional processes are at play and how do you help people move forward? So what is transition management and how do you give it concrete form?

  • Modern concepts regarding Change and transition. How do you maintain engagement and loyalty during Change?

  • The right leadership: how to be a Secure Base for your people? How to be Caring AND Daring?

  • Key players in the transition process: experiences and needs of the different 'key players'. Learning from 'bloopers' at other organisations

  • Designing tailor-made guidance for my organisation. Approach at organisational, team and individual level. Use of communication, participation and psychoeducation.


  • Further concretise own approach


In an intake interview, we will examine whether this programme suits your transition issue. Ready to get more out of yourself?

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