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Responsible Change

Reorganisations, downsizing, mergers: in modern organisations, they are the order of the day. To stay attuned to changing realities and maintain competitiveness, they are much needed. We all understand that you have to prune to grow, to survive and innovate. But the way in which can make all the difference. The difference between sloppy, ill-considered downsizing with a lot of unforeseen damage: decreased loyalty, reputational damage, strikes, teams becoming 'loose sand', increased absenteeism, departure of talent. And careful, people-centred transformations. 

Human capital

Your human capital is the most vulnerable link in major Change. A wrong approach or too little attention to the human aspects, leads to a lot of negativity: apathy, distrust and loss of loyalty. Consequences that continue to be felt widely and for a long time: departure of talent, distrust and competition in teams, less engagement and increase in short-term and long-term absenteeism puts pressure on the company's bottom line.

Your role as a leader is crucial and tricky: how do you handle your ‘double bind’ position – being impacted yourself and caring for others? Being more in control of your emotions makes you less of a pawn and gives you more impact. You can make a reorganisation more successful and humane. But then you have to know how!

Mensen uit het bedrijfsleven juichen toe
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without collateral damage

Things can be done differently! In my approach, you get 5 ingredients to change successfully and in a human way.

5 ingredients for human and successful Change

  1. Knowing what is going on to do the right thing:
    stress in uncertain situations makes us unhealthier, increases our resistance to change and leads to more absenteeism and social unrest. If you understand this, you can intervene in a smarter way.

  2. Attention to the emotions of your people in processing the changes prevents 'collateral damage' and increases acceptance of the new situation.

  3. Knowing critical success factors:
    doing the little things that make a big difference! Eighty percent of people do not experience enough support from their manager during reorganisations, but a little extra attention works wonders!

  4. Gaining more control over your emotions:
    makes you less of a pawn and more powerful and successful in your approach.

  5. Maintain team spirit:
    you learn to avoid you and your team being held hostage by  'victims', 'accusers' or 'rescuers'.


We help you change your organisation in a human-centred and successful way with 2 programmes that have proven their success:


  • Masterclass Transition Management

    2-day Masterclass incl. 1 personal coaching session for boards, managers and HRD professionals. Do you want to explain people's emotions with major Change not as resistance, but understand and discuss them? Do you want to prevent people from dropping out, sitting at home, leaving, but rather keep them on board? Do you want to achieve human-centred transformation and avoid ill-considered change, absenteeism and social unrest? After this masterclass, you will know modern views on emotional processes involved in major Change and be able to translate and apply them in your organisation. 

  • Learning Journey 'Van Dramas to Win-Win'

2-day training, incl. 2 online practice moments, for those caught up in drama behaviours holding the team hostage. Do you want to understand what causes drama behaviour and how to free your team from it? Are you looking for simple and powerful concepts to avoid energy loss, complaining and difficult decision-making in your team? Want to learn how to get your team beyond powerlessness and criticism so that people take up leadership together? After this Learning Journey, you will know how to approach this and successfully apply the insights in your daily practice.

Guidance during a transition requires customisation. We are happy to discuss with you what really works in your organisation. Our programmes are then tailored to your organisation,

for best results. Please contact us for this without any obligation! 

Satisfied customers have their say

Our organization has undergone major reorganizations over the past 10 years. Cécile has been involved as a collaboration partner throughout that time. I would definitely recommend it to colleagues and other organizations! Teaching people how to deal with major changes in their lives is essential to create an organization with sustainably employable employees


Angela K.  - Transition Management Consultant at an International Bank

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