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Learning Journey: From Dramas to Win

Change individual drama behaviour
into collective wins!

This is the ultimate Learning Journey for leaders who want to strengthen shared leadership in their team through effective, connecting tools.

  • Do you want to understand how drama holds your team hostage and how to free yourself from it?

  • Are you looking for simple and powerful concepts to avoid energy loss, complaining and difficult decision-making in your team?

  • Want to learn how to get your team beyond powerlessness and criticism so that people take up leadership together?

After this Learning Journey, you will know how to approach this and successfully apply the insights in your daily practice.

For whom?

As a committed manager, do you recognise drama behaviour in your organisation?

High workload, teams and departments in which things aren’t going smoothly: lots of discussions and difficult decision-making, complaining and gossiping. Hierarchy and other services where you don't get a response, everything is top priority, …  

Restructurings, downsizing, relocations, new systems and processes, new top management with a different style and vision, … Difficult situations and changes that generate a lot of stress.

Image by That's Her Business


Stress often causes people to fall into though 'survival patterns':
drama behaviour holds you and your team ‘hostage’…

  • The complainers and finger-pointers, who, with their recriminations, accusations and umbrella politics, drag out consultations for ages and boycott decisions.

  • The victims, drama queens and toddlers in your team, who make everyone tired and irritated with their excessive whining.

  • The saviours, mothers and martyrs who soothe everything and spare everyone, keeping the team small and always complaining that they are too busy.

This leads to loss of time and energy, delays decision-making, puts pressure on cooperation and prevents innovation, growth and success. 

Image by Torbjørn Helgesen
Image by Clemens van Lay

You too can get caught up in these patterns and become a 'pawn'
instead of actively 'taking charge'.


This makes it harder to make an impact and get people out of their drama behaviour.

This is precisely why we offer you this Learning Journey...

To step out of the hostage situation and create a team in which

  • Your people take responsibility for themselves instead of taking their criticism, powerlessness, fear out on others;

  • everyone takes on leadership, instead of having a dependent and wait-and-see attitude, hoping for a saviour;

  • everyone actively seeks a win-win for all parties;

  • there isn’t only discussion, but action is taken;

  • you can stimulate this ‘winning attitude’ in your team and keep it alive.


What does the Learning Journey get you?

  • You recognise your own drama behaviour in time and can actively choose to respond differently in meetings.

  • You can give yourself empathy, restoring your energy to contribute to supported solutions

  • You can understand your team's drama behaviour and help de-mine it

  • You better understand what triggers your team in the drama triangle and have the courage and ability to discuss it

  • Because of your increased calmness, confidence and patience, your team also dares to look at their own drama behaviour with less embarrassment…

  • You can articulate in a connecting way what you would like to do differently

  • Your team grows in maturity and is increasingly able to come out together, even without your help.


What is the result of this?

  • For yourself as a manager: more satisfaction, impact and results

  • A happier, more independent team that enters into open, respectful discussions with each other, based on the confidence that more is possible together.

"I am happy and grateful that, in coaching with Cécile, I have found myself and can now look at life through different 'rose-coloured' glasses, which has a very positive impact on my team and our results."

 Petra Brosens, Work Preparation Coordinator, Connections Service, Fluvius

What does the programme
look like?


  • Understanding drama & winner dynamics

  • The why behind every drama role…

  • Working with practically feasible and immediately usable tools


 Between days, you will be given homework to actively work on in your team.

 DAY 2​

  • Creating drama and winner mindset

  • Difficult situations 1-on-1: how do you stay out of your drama role?

  • Getting away from your survival strategies with self-empathy

 2 online practice moments (3 h each time)​

  • Difficult situations: how do you get your team out of hostage situations?

  • Case studies

  • Anchoring: how do you keep it alive?



In an intake interview, we examine whether I am the right partner to help you in your journey. Do you have a question or case you want to work on? Ready to get more out of yourself?

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