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Learning Circles

Do you want to continue to grow as a manager and become a powerful leader? Want to generate more influence and confidence? Have you attended a lot of training sessions, but are you not making enough progress? Then the Learning Circles can offer you what you are looking for: a proven successful, practical and in-depth programme with lasting positive impact on your leadership.

"It's really another type of training that enriches the landscape of trainings around leadership profoundly"  


 Elisabeth S.  -  Janssens Farmaceutica

For whom?

Do you recognise yourself in one or more of these topics? Then you will definitely be able to learn a lot:

  • You lack open and reliable feedback.

  • You need a sounding board so you can present your approach or ideas to others.

  • You want to learn how to achieve more impact and persuasion.

  • You want to learn how to keep your people inspired and motivated despite high workloads.

  • You don't know how to coach your people to develop further.

  • You look after your people too much, get exhausted or irritated and want to learn to make your team more accountable themselves.

  • You need support, or you feel on the verge of a 'burnout'.

  • You want to learn how to support your team in the event of major change, without forgetting yourself.

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Learning with and from each other

Each session features personal cases and an engaging leadership topic, always tailored to the needs of the group. We work based on connecting, effective communication. This is how we create a strong connection and trust in the group. As a result, participants grow into connecting leaders who sense, empower and help their teams excel. 

Leadership topics are: 

  • Coaching & intervention skills: what we start working on immediately in coaching each other

  • Difficult (corrective) conversations & conflict situations: stronger with connecting communication

  • From ‘spider in the web’ to ‘together at the flywheel’: creating shared leadership 

  • Understanding and positively influencing team dynamics: preventing too much conflict and too much harmony in your team

  • Defence Mechanisms in major Change: this is how to avoid taking of you and your team ‘hostage’!

  • Irrational beliefs & stress​

A six-month programme

The Learning Circle lasts six months. A solid programme, then, but easy to fit into any schedule: 

  • every month we meet for half a day, live or online;

  • one full-day session, the Learning Circle Special: focusing on the foundation of your leadership: your Personal Values. Based on your life history, we will explore it together with the group: a hugely inspiring, encouraging experience that gives you self-confidence and focus.

  • 3 individual coaching sessions: at the start, halfway through and at the end of the programme: to dive deep into personal themes that have a high impact on your leadership. 

The longer duration of the programme enables deep learning. Self-reflection and learning are thus structurally placed on the agenda and deliver major growth steps.

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  • online or live

  • always in small groups of max.  5 - 7 managers or project leaders

  • the programme entails: 

  • 7 half days

  • 1 full day

  • 3 coaching sessions; intake, interim and out-take

  • a Learning Circle can be formed with both managers from the same company and with managers from different companies or organisations. 

  • after signing up you will be invited for an intake interview.

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