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About Cécile


My story

From a young age, I have had a 'nose' for what is not right and could not resist pointing that out. Consequently, there was a lot of discussion at our house! Longing for freedom, I left home at 17 to go to college. Studying Food Technology at Wageningen Agricultural University was right for me, recognisable and pragmatic, totally what I love. And, here I  first got a lot of insight into all kinds of business processes.

I started my career as a consultant in diverse organisations: from textile to meat processing industry, municipalities and provinces, RIVM, Dutch Railways, etc. Clear competences, efficient rules of the game and efficient organisation design were our focus here. My talent for quickly uncovering problems could be put to good use here, as well as my powers of persuasion. But I also noticed its limits, and often felt unfulfilled. I wanted to look for other ways to impact people.

Meanwhile, the desire to start my own agency grew. With a group of four trainers, I supervised the emotional processes in major reorganisations: making human potential flourish, even when things get difficult. Working with leaders has always fascinated me: you can do so much together, but have to reach out and connect your people. Huge opportunities as well as exciting risks.

Gradually, I evolved from critic to valuable sounding board. I learned to embed my power to quickly uncover the heart of the matter, to dare to say what's on my mind, with empathy and kindness. Allowing people to do the discovering themselves instead of giving advice. And that's also what I go for to the maximum at Play4Growth: strengthen self-responsibility, for yourself and for your team.

I have extensive experience in coaching management teams of multinationals and boards of medium-sized and small companies, as well as managers and professionals at middle management level. I sincerely hope to guide you one day too!

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My sources of inspiration

I would love share my ‘sources of inspiration’ with you! 

Powerful concepts that I have lived through myself, that really work, that are profound, loving, confrontational and encouraging, that have given me clarity and strength and helped me to become (even more) who I want to be, for my clients and for myself! 

mensen Clapping
"Psychodrama is a rehearsal for life.
This wealth of living life experience helps people through experience and practice, not through analysis."

 (Jacob Levi Moreno)      

Connecting, non-violent communication
"What others do may be the trigger, but not the cause, of our feelings" ​

(Marshall B. Rosenberg -   

Image by Thomas Verleene
Image by Brianna R.
The practice of secure base leadership
“You need Secure Bases in your life, to be a Secure Base leader”  


George Kohlrieser, S. Goldsworthy & Duncan Coombe, Care to Dare

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