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More influence with less effort


For courageous leaders

with tough teams

As an ambitious manager, it can be quite a struggle: you know what your company needs, but fail to make enough impact and create change. You are not heard, there is no budget, it is not the right time, the management is busy with other things, and so on...


No matter how hard you work and how much you try, the results are lacking or unsatisfactory. In my long coaching career, I saw this countless times. I now know that this usually has nothing to do with 'doing something wrong' but rather an internal potential that is still untapped. 


I help leaders bring their potential and that of their teams to fruition. So that people give their best and make the organisation sustainably successful.

Annual programme for strong and connecting leaders
Leading by Connection.

Play 4 Growth is:

Understanding what is essentially wrong

Listening with empathy

Daring to tell it like it is

Encouragement for change

Implementation in practice

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I support driven leaders on their way to:


More influence, results & satisfaction

Are you a driven manager and do you recognise yourself in at least 3 of these statements?


  • You want to learn how to better make your mark and realise your great ideas.

  • You work with passion, but despite your extensive and hard work, you do not achieve the results you desire.

  • You want to achieve more with less effort.

  • You fail to have an impact at a higher level.

  • You want to delegate without feeling guilty.

  • You want to address conflicts through forceful action, without losing your people.


Then I will help you take the necessary growth steps.

Powerful teams 
in which people flourish

Do you feel there is so much more to your team than is currently being manifested? That your team is more like a bunch of separate, hard-working individuals? That the Corona crisis and high workload has only reinforced the idea of 'every man for himself'? That your people only speak out about, but not to each other, if something is bothering them? That you always have to be the spider in the web arranging everything? Or that you are always the one talking in meetings?


As a leader, you hold the key to making your team thrive. Your influence is decisive. But 2 main obstacles often hold you back:

  1. You don't know how negative group dynamics arise and what the remedies are. You don't know how to make a contrarian team with a lot of potential flourish. 

  2. You sabotage yourself: you want to save your team too much, making them dependent and insecure. Or you feel powerless to talk to people with a negative influence on collaboration. The victim role is lurking around the corner. 


My approach teaches you to see through group dynamics and choose the right interventions with less effort. My coaching helps you break out of old, ingrained patterns to become more flexible and creative in your approach.


The result? You get a different, more mature team. In which all hidden potential can fully come out.


Continuously challenging and deeply transforming yourself

Realising your potential, getting the impact you deserve, making your mark, being visible, challenging the status quo and creating breakthroughs. How do you get the impact you crave?


As a manager, you have a lonely role. 


Growing as a person makes you a stronger leader, and connecting with other leaders helps tremendously in this regard. Getting reliable, honest feedback, leveraging day-to-day incidents and learning to reflect on your effectiveness and well-being are crucial ingredients to deeply transform and finally feel who you really are and what your added value is. 


In the Learning Circles, you are given space, safety and challenge to learn, grow and dive deeper together with other leaders. 


For six months, you will meet monthly for half a day, live or online. Halfway through, there is a full-day Special, where you share your life story and gain more insight into your personal values: crucial to becoming the leader you really want to be. To strengthen your growth process, you will receive 3 personal coaching sessions from me. An intense journey with a strong outcome.

Successful Change

Successful organisations regularly reflect on their business model. Reorganisations, downsizing, and mergers are considered to safeguard the viability of the organisation. Much-needed changes that also often cause uncertainty. The stress this creates has a high impact and is a major cause of the failure of 70% of all reorganisations. The consequences? Decreased loyalty, reputational damage, lawsuits, strikes, teams becoming 'loose sand', increased absenteeism, departure of talent… 


As a manager, you can make a difference in these tricky, elusive emotional processes. But then you need to know what people need and how to give practical and strategic substance to it. My approach helps you know the critical success factors to nurture your organisation's human capital. With the right leadership, you can avoid collateral damage and enable careful, people-centred transformations.


Read more about how you can become more successful in leading sustainable change.

Image by Julia Craice
"Cécile's coaching and training is characterised by depth and putting people in touch with their deepest desires. Cécile is a warm trainer who inspires confidence in participants with her attention and openness. She sees very sharply what is needed and has the ability to point things out in a very pleasant way."

- Hilde Willems - 
manager Talent Fit Center, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV


Cécile Osse

30 years of experience in coaching & training

For 30 years, I have guided groups and managers to ‘bring out the best in themselves’, so that all potential can be fully utilised.


I like to encourage people to dare to be themselves even more, have deep meaningful conversations, and give each other genuine attention. Again and again, I find it fantastic to experience how people reach their full growth as a result, and how a group reinforces this process: as a safe haven, and challenging stimulus...

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